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We have a staff of 200 in our factory. The vending machines supplied by Snacks R Us have proved to be very popular with the staff, both as a snack resource and as a social hub.

The machines are always topped up with the staff's own selection, and Scott & Deano are very quick to respond to our requests.




  Snacks R' Us Vending  
Vending machine specialists servicing Melbourne metro & suburbs with well known brands of quality snacks, drinks & coffee.

Have you noticed that peckish look on your staff's faces sometimes?
That waning of concentration at work may be a sign of a snack attack or a caffeine withdrawal.

Our vending machines in your business or organisation's premises will provide your staff and visitors with popular snacks, drinks, coffee and beverages at competitive prices 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Why Snacks R' Us Vending?

Because we are experienced vending operators with the best vending services in Melbourne:
Free vending machine(s)
Free installation, service & repair of vending machines
Leading brands of snacks, drinks, coffee & beverages
Regular refills of snacks & drinks and coffee & consumables
The SureVend guarantee of customer's selection or money back
State of the art and customised vending machines
Excellent service
Ethics & charter of the local vending organisations, NVA & IVMOA
Fully insured for public liability

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