I was looking at supplementing my income and thought vending machines are a good idea as they don't interfere with my regular work hours. I started with a couple and now have close to 20 vending machines.

Dean was very helpful and generous with his advice when I first got started, and I still consult him on a regular basis.


  Vending Machines Consultancy Service  
Are you aware that during a financial downturn, people dispense easily with coins rather than notes?

Are you aware, too, that in a financial downturn, people tend to eat 'in' rather than 'out'? Therefore there will be a demand from businesses requiring vending machines onsite to cater for their staff and clients.

Did you know that whilst you are asleep, someone may be slotting in coins into your vending machine to get himself a can of Coke?

Have you ever thought that operating vending machines is a source of passive income stream?

Would you like to know how to get started in the vending business?

With a combined vending experience of 20 years and operating over 300 vending machines in Melbourne and suburbs, Snacks R Us offers a consultancy service to the new kid on the block.

We will show you the tips and tricks of the vending industry:

Who do I purchase vending machines from?
How do I arrange finance to purchase the vending machines?
How do I find the suppliers to stock my vending machines?
How do I advertise my vending services?
How do I establish my vending route?
How do I double my vending cash flow?
Who will be servicing/repairing my vending machines?
Do I have to vend snacks and drinks? What about non-food items?

Snacks R Us Vending can help you get started on a profitable business.
Contact us now for an obligation free discussion.


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