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We had a big job and had to call in casuals who snacked & emptied out the vending machines very quickly.

The machines were fully stocked the next day. I was very impressed with Snacks R Us' service.




  Vending Machine Service & Repairs  
Snacks R' Us state-of-the-art vending machines operates efficiently and independently to deliver snacks, drinks and beverages 24/7

However, just like humans get sick, vending machines can break down, too.


Is the vending machine in your work place not working properly?

Coffee supplies & service
Do you have a vending machine in your organisation which needs refilling?

Contact Snacks R Us now and we'll refill so that your staff and clients won't go hungry.


Are you a vending operator who needs assistance with vending machine repairs?

Do you own vending machines and would like them serviced or upgraded?


Contact Snacks R Us now and we'll sort out your servicing or repair issues.


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